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Living Life Through Faith in God


We are Christians in the railways and work in railway companies and agencies, united by faith in Jesus Christ and based on His Word, the Bible. This guides us in our daily work, and we experience its strength and perspective in our lives, and therefore we want to share with our colleagues the faith and hope we have in Christ.

Our association was founded in 1900 as the "Christian Association of German Railroaders" by three railway workers who were inspired by the idea of witnessing to the change of their lives through their ongoing dialogue with God and with each other, and who also wanted to give Christian rail workers the opportunity to meet and strengthen each other in the faith.

In 1902 our first magazine was published, and since then literature has become an important tool for conveying our messages - magazines, leaflets and especially the wall and desk calendars, today with coloured images with railway motifs for each month, accompanied by - sometimes in humorous fashion - matching quotes in a variety of languages.

In some cities, regular prayer meetings are held "on the edge of work" to tune in to our relationship with God

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