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The first train service in India commenced in the year 1853 from Borbandar to Thane and the Engine driver was Mr Robert Stephenson , son of George Stephenson, who was the first Engine Driver to start the service in England in 1825 between Stockton and Darlington (Robert Stephenson served as Assistant Driver to his Father George Stephenson). Further the Same Mr Robert Stephenson started first train service in South India from Royapuram to Walajah Road (Arcot- Where East Indian Company established their military warehouses) in 1856.

The Indian Railway, is operated and owned by Govt. of India (and at present privatisations being explored at select services). It is also believed to be the world’s largest Single Railway Network over a distance of 115000 km of tracks over a distance of 67400 km and has 8000 to 8500 Railway Stations.

The Indian Railway has 17 Zones and the 18th will be formed soon.

Total Divisions are 73 and world’s fourth largest commercial employer with 1.4 million employees and the pensioners are 1.3 million.

According to 2011 census Christianity is the Second largest minority religion, approximately 28 million followers, at 2.3% of India Population. The Indian Railway operates 20,000 passenger trains per day which are carrying 23 million passengers and handling 3 million tons of materials as freight service.

Rail Hope India joined as full time member of Rail Hope International in 2013 at International Railway Mission Convention at Hungary and has been active in using the materials produced by RailHope International such as Calendars and Magazines to reach the people of India with Good News of our LORD JESUS CHRIST - the message of HOPE! The calendars are being printed and distributed as Indian Version of International in Tamil ,English, Hindi and other eleven languages.

Rail Hope India has an incredible opportunity to reach vast numbers of people with the message of Hope through prayers and encouragement.

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