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Living Life Through Faith in God

What was once established almost 100 years ago in South Africa then ravished, destroyed and forgotten for almost 30 years has now been rescued, resurrected and revived by a group of individuals.

RailHope South Africa Pastor Arul Raj (RailHope India) has been praying for 12 years for the revival of RailHope South Africa. God finally, in His own time, answered his prayer and arranged for the paths of Charity Schutte (South Africa) and Pastor Arul Raj to intersect.

This divine orchestration of connections brought other spiritually driven and gifted followers of Christ together. Hazel Govender(Construction Industry), Thandi Sabelo (Manager from Transnet Port Terminals), Peter Govender (Pastor and Manager at Transnet Freight Rail) and Charity Schutte (Manager at Transnet Freight Rail) formed the RailHope South Africa Committee on the 1st June 2016 and commenced the process to revive RailHope South Africa.

The mission of RailHope SA is to pray for all employees, management, commuters, the safe transport and handling of freight, a crime free work environment and for the profitability and sustainability of our companies. ​We undertake to evangelize within our industry and represent the love of Christ for the lost thereby bringing them HOPE

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