RailHope Switzerland

Living Life Through Faith in God

RailHope Switzerland has been a Christian, non-denominational association since 1908 and is composed of rail and public transport personnel. We orient ourselves in matters of faith in the apostolic creed, which is universally recognized by the Western churches.

RailHope Switzerland has a charitable and charitable nature, and is neither a union nor a church.

We encourage an authentic life according to good biblical values ​​such as credibility, charity, giving and forgiveness. In doing so, we support a corporate climate characterized by individual responsibility, appreciation and trust.

At the heart of our unifying community is the vibrant network of local meeting places and national meetings. Here it is possible to talk about doubt and hope, to encourage one another in faith in Jesus, to pray together and to discuss issues of faith.

Rail Chaplains offer employees pastoral support in difficult personal or professional events. This advice is individual, confidential and free. Print media play an important role in helping our colleagues at work to understand Jesus' faith. That's why we distribute the RailHope calendar with beautiful railway images and Bible verses in German, French and Italian as well as the RailHope magazine with reports and life portraits that inspire faith in Jesus Christ.

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